21 Aug / Why Does a Wand Choose YOU?

Harry Potter wand

There are many reasons a wand chooses you:

It’s possible that a wand is attracted to you, or it’s the wand’s divine purpose, or it’s your divine purpose.

Your intentions for your wand can call it to you.  A wand maker’s intentions for a wand can also draw it to you.

I have been thinking about wand making and how to create one.  Incredible crystals came into my life that begged me to be used as wands.

So I explored my own capabilities and tried to make a wand.  I quickly decided to outsource and work with a professional wand maker for the best outcome.

There are a lot of very talented wand makers, but I had to determine what would suit my crystals and me.  I had to consider what kind of wand would it become due to the wand maker’s skills. It truly does matter!

J.K. Rowling is correct. You have to resonate with the wand.

Most importantly, the wand must recognize your energy and your desire.  The wand has to want to serve your intentions, more so than the wand maker’s.

I have a few ideas about why Harry Potter’s wand really choose him:

  1. The brother wand that picked Harry recognized the energy in his scar.
  2. The wand recognized the love and goodness in Harry’s being and soul, and wanted to right a wrong.
  3. Many people say that Harry Potter is a great wizard. I say Harry Potter is a great Lightworker. He cared more for being kind, and doing the right thing, than power.
  4. The Elder’s Wand held no interest for Harry. He did not need or want it except for it to fix his own wand. Harry’s chosen word when under attack is to disarm his opponent.

Remember, when using your own wand fill the void with light!

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