08 Jul / Where To Find A Treasured Wand & What To Do After You Get It

where to buy magic wands

There are many fun and interesting places to search for your own new wand!

Metaphysical Stores & Gift Shops

Wand stores are amazing. Usually the stores are an extension of a crystal shop, or sometimes they are gift stores that sell other goods and services.

Go to Google and search for:  magic wand store + your city
Replace “your city” with your actual location.

If this search doesn’t return enough results, try:
metaphysical store + your city

Online Websites

You can find thousands of beautiful, handcrafted wands on the internet!
Search at these two popular places: Etsy and eBay

Potter-style wands are available at the or the website.

Beautiful metal wands embedded with crystals are at Heartsongs Crystal Wands.

About A Wand’s Allegiance

J.K. Rowling said a wand would not work as well nor as loyally if it had allegiance to another person.  “The wand chooses the wizard”.

If the wand has been magicked by a powerful witch, wizard, or lightworker, will it disempower the wand to cleanse it or clear it?

Yes and No.

Yes, you should quickly cleanse the wand after you bring it home to claim it as yours.

No, the power of the wand will not shift, but the presence of the previous owner will.  This is a good thing.

First, let’s clean the wand, and then I’ll show you how to claim it’s allegiance.

Cleanse Your Wand

An unclean wand is like buying someone else’s shirt, and never washing it.  The other person’s emotions are all over it.

So grab a bag and fill it with a lot of sea salt and lay the wand inside.

You can also place some crystals in the sea salt bag with the wand. The crystals help the wand feel cozy and at home.

When you are ready to go to the next stage light some sage. Pull the wand out of the sea salt, and brush it off with a clean soft makeup brush. I love to use soft makeup brushes on my crystals, too.

If the wand is entirely made of crystal and water-friendly, you can run it under the water and repeatedly say and/or think, “clear”.  Then dry it, and continue sage-ing.

If the wand is not water-friendly, then run it through the sage smoke and also think or say “clear”.  If the energy does not seem clear enough you can place the wand back in sea salt, and begin the process all over again.

Empaths can be particularly sensitive to all energies and may need the extra repeating until all is clear.

Don’t forget to invite the Angels in to help you clear, and also ask them to fill all voids with infinite love.

How to Claim the Wand

It’s time to claim your wand as your own and step into your power!

You cannot fully do this when the wand is not aligned with you.
Now that your wand is clean it’s ready for the alignment.

Hold the wand to your heart and say, “Mine!” over and over again.
Give your wand a wave and watch the sparkle.

Don’t forget to thank the Angels for their help.

Happy Light Wanding!

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