23 Oct / The Swirl Technique

This is great when a general icky feeling is on you or the room.  Take the wand in your preferred hand, and move in a swirling motion (circular).   Lift your wand and draw a smaller circle (about 2 inches wide), and then continue the circular motion, but pull the wand down a few inches.  Now imagine where the swirl of loops is going to go.  Is it over your head?  To clear yourself, place it with your third eye going over your head as you swirl downward, and lift it up off of you and then fling it out the window.  This swirl of loops catches what is on you, and then flings it off!

To swirl the room, make the loops 2 -3 times larger, and using your third eye imagine the swirl enlarging and filling the room.  Lift as you continue swirling and fling out the window.  You could also imagine the swirl pushing through the roof with an upward thrust.  Just remember to close the roof and lock it, and same for the window.

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