28 Oct / Introduction to Wands

Wands are a tool to move energy.  They can invoke energy, but energy is not always something you see or feel. You have to practice recognizing a shift, such as a prayer that was answered.  Faith in the universe, and the order of the universe.  There are rules to the universe that ordinary people might not recognize or choose to believe in, but they do exist.

Perhaps the first step to wanding is recognizing every day circumstances where choices are made to use the higher conscious choice or not to care.  Become aware of the people around you, particularly family and acquaintances both in and out of your inner circle.  Do not judge, but listen with intent to recognize spiritual opportunities to grow or be tested.  Also be mindful that those friends and family are not going to listen nor tolerate your commenting on their decisions.  Sharing your views might make you quite unpopular, so the goal is to observe without commenting.  Love them, accept them no matter their choices.  Do you agree, or disagree?

What does this have to do with wanding?  A wand can create a sense of power, like a weapon.  Are you a Jedi or will you fall to the dark side?  Will your emotions determine which allegiance governs you, or will your personal integrity?  I know people who have taken earth’s versions of Jedi training, but operate more like dark forces.  Know your allegiance before you pick up a wand.  State it, with your intention to the wand.  I like to ground in aligning with the Creator of all good.

Lightwork is about connecting with God, and the highest spiritual work to elevate yourself and others.  Step boldly and courageously outside of yourself, your needs, your immediate desires.  Let go of your judgments and personal life choices for these precious moments, and witness others reach higher for their best possibilities.

Make a mental note to yourself that every day you choose to promote light and happiness with wands, and not engage in mischief and chaos.

A wand connects you with a spiritual energy, so always select with whom you are connecting.  Be certain with whom you are connecting by stating it aloud.  I say, “My wands are guided by Jesus.  I promote light, never dark.”  My invocation of this also creates a safety net that should anything not be in agreement with Jesus, then I expect and know Jesus will cancel it.  There shall be no harm.

A huge part of the magic in wanding is the joy of discovery.

Can you allow someone else to touch your wand?

First let your wand know how much you love and appreciate it.  Hug it to your chest, and say, “Mine!  Mine!  Mine!”.  Etherically kiss it.  Say, “You are mine!”, with joy.  Before you allow anyone to touch your wand also inform your wand, “no matter who else ever touches you, you remain my wand!”.  When someone returns your wand, remind it that it is your wand.  Tell it you missed it, and are so happy it has returned safely to you.

Are wands the tool that creates your manifestation, or is it merely a tool to focus with? Or both?

Wands can certainly belong to the element they are created from, like a wood wand comes from earth.  A crystal wand is earth, but also water.  Is it more water than earth?  I believe all wands are an air element.  Imagination is air.  We reach outside ourselves to create a fantasy that just might someday become reality.

When I pick up a wand, I breathe.  They center me.  I come closer to belonging to the universe, and feeling that connection.  I ask God to never manifest what is against his wishes.

I try very hard never to lift a wand in anger, so there are times I’ve needed to put my wand down. Somewhere through the time you select your wand, activate it, and start using it… There almost certainly will come a spiritual test.  You might be forced to question or recognize who you are, where you align yourself, and how worthy your intentions are.  Worse, you will learn who your family and friends truly are, who they align themselves with, and how worthy their intentions are. You have no control over them, only yourself.  Your perspectives might change, and those relationships might also change.  If you never feel tested, then you need to reach higher.  We are here to reach higher.

Are you an empath?

An empath is a person who actually feels the feelings of another person.  Do you know if you are an empath?  You do not need to be an empath to work with a wand.  But if you are an empath, a wand is particularly a great tool for you to clear other people’s emotions out of a room, a chair, a bed, off clothing, out of a car, or off of any other possibility.  Using a wand to clear chakras becomes easier for an empath because the wand clears super fast the emotional debris emitting or being left behind.

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