27 Oct / How To Select And Activate A Wand

Picking a wand is easy and fun.  How do you select a piece of jewelry?  How do you select a tattoo?  The answers are the same.

What glimmers and catches your eye?  Whichever wand excites you, and brings you joy when you pick it up and hold it, THAT’S YOUR WAND!

First thing to do with your wand is to claim it.  Stroke the tip lovingly, and say, “You are mine”.  If you allow someone else to touch or hold your wand, before and afterward tell your wand it belongs to you.  “You are my wand.  I am allowing someone to hold you, or use you in the highest light, but you are still mine.”  Especially if you lend your wand to someone or allow them to touch it, you don’t want them sending evil or hate to someone.  We cannot always control the actions, wishes, or hearts or others, but we can state our intention.  Sometimes that is enough to negate the other person’s misdeed. Once your wand has been returned to you, joyfully receive it.  Remind it that it belongs to you.  Place it over your heart and say, “mine, mine, mine!  I am so happy you have returned to me!”  A kiss is appreciated, though unnecessary.  Isn’t a kiss always appreciated, though unnecessary?

Let's Activate A Wand

Your third eye is in the middle of your forehead.  Find the tip of your wand, look for the most flat part of the tip, with a crystal or without.  Holding your wand upright, place the tip on your third eye.  If you are new to using your third eye, leave it on your third eye.  If you are used to using your third eye, pull your wand away about an inch or two, remaining level with your third eye.

When you feel the energy connect between your third eye and wand, think “activate”.  Continue holding the wand there, and see if you feel any shift such as the crystal intensifying or energy flowing down the base of the wand.  If you are unsure, you can additionally lay the tip of your wand upon your heart, and just think “love”.  Everything connects and activates with love!

The Energy in Your Hands

As you begin to learn wands, you will become aware of how other people use their hands when speaking.  In my opinion, fingers count as wands.  I have witnessed lightning sparks shoot from one particular person’s fingers,  while they were speaking.  Energy lightning, not actual lightning, and this person was not a superhero.  She had no evil intent, just enjoyed speaking with her hands in motion.  She came over to speak with me, and I kept pulling her hands down.  I tried to explain what was occurring.  We were at an energy seminar so she was particularly fascinated by what I was telling her.  She said she could not just stop speaking with her hands, that it was a habit.  I had to protect myself by walking away.  This only intrigued her more, so she kept seeking me out at each break during the seminar.  Each time I politely pulled her hands downward, and again tried to excuse myself.  “But I always talk with my hands!”   She needed to work on her awareness, which is why I mention this.  Become aware of people speaking with their hands, and their gestures, and how they use it.   Don’t just accept someone pointing and throwing energy at you, and remember that unintentional stray energy is unfocused with major potential.   Step away.

Everything is energy.  Is the energy coming towards you delivering something into your energy field, and do you want it?  You don’t have to keep it.  Say “expel” to whatever someone knowingly or unknowingly placed into your aura field.  Remember a lot of what occurs between people is unknown and unintended.

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