27 Aug / How to Safely Use Your Wand


Every time a wand is used, it creates a connection to a person or location.  A wand can also open a connection to another realm, or parallel universe.  Your personal beliefs will not alter where the wand connects.  That’s okay, but if you complete your use of the wand and simply place the wand down, the connection is still open.  If you are a sensitive, you might become aware of it.  A wand that sends can also become a receiver.

Call out “Disconnect” or “Energy Break” to your wand, and command that all openings to be closed.

Wands can also create their own vortex, portal, or dimension.  Just because you left it, does not mean an empty chamber exists.

It’s like a bubble blowing in the wind.  I call joy to my bubbles to fill them with happiness.  So when the bubbles pop, they release joy into the air.  It lifts the neighborhood.  Try it.  Filling all voids with infinite joy or infinite love is important.

The same is true for wanding.

If you remove something from the universe or an individual’s universe, fill the void with joy or love.  Fill every dimension with infinite love, and do the same for vortexes, portals, vectors (45 degree corners).  Always complete with a “disconnect” command.

Here is the list to “disconnect” and close. It’s quick to memorize:

  1. Ask God, to close all portals, realms, dimensions, gateways, vortexes, and vectors that may intentionally or inadvertently remain open.
  2. Ask God to seal them, and remove any beings that came in through them.  My life has improved greatly since I learned this.  I now over emphasize safety, because before I learned this, chaos prevailed.
  3. Call for parallel lives, and parallel universes to be closed, as well as parallel everything.  The more advanced you become, the more rules exist.
  4. Call and depend upon your Angels.

The universe is bigger than we realize, and it’s good to close the gates behind you.

Peace and light!

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