25 Oct / Fun With Wanding

Something to consciously think about is the opening of your hand chakras.  I really like Tai Chi, because while you are slowly moving your hands across your body, you can imagine the push of air with your hands.  Pushing air across the room is an excellent way to begin practicing for wanding.  Put on some music, and raise your arms and hands.  Feel the music as you push air.  Tai Chi is very slow movement.  There is the imagination of pushing the ocean waves over you and also pushing the ocean waves away as they go away from shore.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the movement of a wand, so there are a few possible alternates.  Use a flashlight, to see movement.  Also, I like the use of incense sticks.  Although incense sticks need particular awareness since it’s fire and drops ash.

Practice Simple Movements

Write Happy Birthday in the air.  I’ve done this for a friend at a distance.  I write their name and them draw a heart shape around the area I’ve written my good wishes.  As the heart closes, I blow it away with a kiss.  These are light hearted and fun.  So is writing I love you, and again draw a heart around it, and blow it away with a kiss.

  • Nicole

    I LOVE Your website!! Thank you for your insightful information on wanding

    • Jay Jay

      Thank you so Nicole. XO


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