05 Mar / Cupid’s Arrow

cupids arrow wand

I have a wand in the shape of an arrow that I affectionately named, “Cupid’s Arrow”.  I picked it up every time I wanted to send love.  My wand was amused and played along.  Any wand can send love, so it had no problem sending love.  But just like I used to tell myself that it was a misspent arrow that went astray from Cupid’s Bow, that was indeed what happened.  My heart was broken during a situation in my life.  Naturally, it was not the wand’s fault, for wands cannot interfere with your life path.

After my heartbreaking experience, I admired the wand, but I was not using it as much any more. Recently, I noticed the wand and wondered why I had not picked it up in a long time.  The wand telepathically told me to look at its bottom.  Now that I was no longer attached to the Cupid story, I could see a mermaid’s fin.  “I’m a Mermaid”, my wand said.

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I’m very excited to learn this, but have not yet discovered the best way to use it.  My wand will show me when it feels I am ready.  I guess like everything in life, we become attached to what we need something to be, rather than allow it to be what it truly is.

Every wand has a secret, but until you are ready, it won’t be revealed.  What to do until your wand reveals its secret?  Use it for everything, and keep playing with it.  The secret involves a special extraordinary movement.  Your wand will work very well with other movements, or you can be like me and have multiple wands.

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