23 Oct / Clearing Chakras With A Wand

An easy method if you are not as advanced, or even if you are advanced, is to do an unwinding motion with the wand.  It’s very soothing and each chakra would benefit.

There are times there is a sticky taffy like substance in the chakras.  Taking a little at a time can be beneficial, and sticky is resistance to letting go.  Point your wand and do a scooping motion over the chakra.  This is like winding spaghetti on your fork.  Turn it, gook it on, and then pull it slowly, in a fluid motion, away from the client.  After you have cleared the client, do a left loop up and away, then a right loop down and away, and then left loop up.  You should be a good distance away from the client and all their chakras now.  Eyeball a door or window, and toss the gook outside and off the wand.

Naturally if you still feel like something is stuck on the wand, shake it off repeatedly in an outward outside motion.   Once the wand has cleared, you can return to the chakra and repeat the entire process again.  There may be circumstances where you intuit not to be aggressive in clearing.  Always follow your intuition.  Sometimes someone is not ready to release or it could be too intense for the “client”.

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