The Magic of Wanding is in the Joy of Discovery
Every wand has a secret. It might be a specific movement that is unique to it.
Your mission is to discover it. Your wand is waiting.
How To Select And Activate A Wand

Picking a wand is easy and fun.  How do you select a piece of jewelry?  How do you select a tattoo?  What glimmers and catches your eye?

How To Charge Or Clear A Wand

Do wands need charging?  Not always, but it’s like using  a flashlight with a battery that is half full of charge, you left the charger home.

Fun With Wanding

Write “I Love You” in the air. Do this for a friend at a distance. Write their name and them draw a heart shape around your good wishes.


Elevate Yourself and Loved Ones with Wanding
Create harmony and balance in your life.
Relax And Unwind With Wands

Unwinding is very calming, and also very powerful. Unwinding is a great way to begin a healing, especially as the client enters and you are chatting.

The Swirl Technique

This is great when a general icky feeling is on you or the room.  Take the wand in your preferred hand, and move in a swirling motion (circular), and …

Powerful Energy Inhabits Your Hands

Put your hands together, with palms touching and fingers pointing skyward. Feel the openings, and how your hands now feel almost magnetically connected.

“When I pick up a wand, I breathe.  It centers me.
I come closer to belonging to the universe and feeling that connection.”
― Jay Jay